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Army / military trailer wiring connections added by John Webster on 16 Nov 2011 - 18:57.
Wartime trailer lighting was basic with either a two pin connector between the towing vehicle and trailer giving tail lights and earth connections, or a four pin Warner electric connector giving earth, tail and brake lights, and a supply to the Warner electric brake where fitted. There was no provision for electrical direction indicators.
Post war, the 12 pin plug and socket became standard for all NATO vehicles, Connections as follows.
A. Convoy light
B. Left hand stop light
D. Earth
E. Side and tail Lights
F. Blackout stop light
J. Right hand stop light
K.12V or 24V feed
L. Earth
M. Left hand indicator
N. Right hand indicator

Pins C and H are interconnected with pin A on the towing vehicle but normally have no connection on the trailer.
The wiring to these plugs and sockets is not normally colour coded but collets on the ends of the wires identify their pin.

Civvy Trailer electrical connections added by John Webster on 16 Nov 2011 - 19:24.
7 pin plug and socket connector
N type normal towing connections
1. Yellow. Left hand indicator
2. Blue. Fog light
3. White. Earth
4. Green. Right hand indicator
5. Brown. Right hand tail / side lights
6. Red. Brake lights
7. Black. Left hand tail / side lights

S type supplementary connections
1. Yellow. Reversing light
2. Blue. Ignition fed 12V supply
3. White. Earth
4. Green. Continuous 12V supply
5. Brown. Spare
6. Red. Fridge
7. Black. Spare

13 pin Euro connections.

1. Left hand indicator
2. Fog light
3. Earth
4. Right hand indicator
5. Right hand tail / side lights
6. Brake lights
7. Left hand tail / side lights
8. Reversing light
9. Permanent 12V feed
10. Ignition switched feed
11. Earth for pin 10
12. spare
13. Earth for pin 9

Wire colours for pins 1 to 7 are as 7 pin wiring, colours for pins 8 to 13 vary.

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