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Alexander Jack & Sons

Jack Farm Cart added by John Webster on 20 Jun 2009 - 18:43.
The firm of Alexander Jack and Sons was established in Maybole in the early 1850s, and for more than one hundred and ten years designed and built agricultural machinery of all types, both for the home market and for export to all corners of the empire. See link to Maybole website for more detail.
My "Jack" Cart (see Gallery for pictures) was built sometime in the late 1940s /early 50s for Mr. William Gray, tenant at Shanter Farm, near the vilage of Maidens on the Ayrshire coast. Originaly it would have been fitted with shafts for a single horse harness, but later converted to a tractor drawbar. This was usually done using local smiddy made parts in such a way as to make the conversion reversable should it be necessary to return to horse traction.
Most farm carts would have been painted in the colours requested by the customer before leaving the works, but this cart was supplied unpainted and so it has remained.

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