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Scottish Military Vehicle Group

Scottish Military Vehicle Group added by John Webster on 30 Jan 2009 - 18:32.
The Scottish Military Vehicle Group is a collection of enthusiasts who own, restore and run military vehicles.
I have been a member of the Group for more years than I like to admit, and have made many good friends as a result.
Many of the vehicles in Scotland are of WW2 vintage but there are still quite a number of the post war types.
The Group’s membership is spread over the whole of Scotland with members supporting events such as National Veterans Day, Remembrance “Poppy” Day, regimental and veteran reunions as well as the many various military and vintage vehicle events held throughout the UK and Europe. Because of the wealth of some rare vehicles in Scotland, members are often asked to provide vehicles for film work.
There has been a growing trend for vehicle owners to provide a display or diorama based on their vehicles. This has been popular with event organizers and the public alike, and tends to show the vehicles, and their crew, in a more accurate light.
The club magazine "The Despatch" is published quarterly and is available to members only.
For more info on the SMVG and its activities, click the link to the Groups own website.

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