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Scottish Home Front Living History Society

Scottish Home Front Living History Society added by John Webster on 20 Jan 2009 - 17:59.
The Scottish Home Front Living History Society was the logical progression from my original desire to collect the paraphernalia associated with my vehicles, and to educate the current generation as to what life was like for those who operated them.
The first venture in this direction was with the 3.7 A.A gun, giving some idea of the work done by the men and women of A. A. Command.
Having been brought up in the country, I have always had a fascination for agricultural machinery. Long before the days of health and safety we would sit on the mud wing of a wee gray fergie as it turned hay or cut thistles, then at the ripe old age of nine or ten, graduate to a turn of driving the tractor & trailer round the field when loading bales or stooks. The first old machine I bought for restoration was the Fordson model N, and it has lead to the Land Army and Timber Corps displays.
Interest in war time vehicles and machines inevitably led to meeting up with other like minded individuals. Their ideas and influence have contributed to give us a group who can work together to portray most aspects of wartime military and rural life, and pay tribute to those, without whose efforts and sacrifice, we would not have the freedom that, despite the nanny states best efforts, we still enjoy today.
It is all too easy to view the past from todays double glazed, centrally heated perspective, and to think of what was considered normal fifty or sixty years ago as privation and hardship. Whilst no one would deny that the years during WW2 had more than their fair share of tragedy, peoples ability to make the best of any situation often gave rise to humour and long lasting friendships in the face of the worst adversity, and we try to convey this in our portrayal of those times.
The SHFLHS is a member organisation of the Association of Modern Military Living History Groups.

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