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About The Site:
Welcome to the Roof Over Britain website.
The site is constantly "under construction", so it may be some time before all the categories have content, but we'll get there.
On the site you will find information on some of my vehicles and other bits and pieces in my collection, and on the Scottish Home Front Living History Society, what we are about and what we do.
Why Roof Over Britain? This was the name of a booklet published in 1943 by HMSO to tell the story of Britains Anti-Aircraft defences in the first three years of the war. Our early efforts in living history centred round my 3.7inch Anti Aircraft gun. This is an impressive bit of kit, and also had the advantage of letting the girls in on the act by way of ATS involvement. My wifes mother had served as an ATS height finder operator (or number), and it was our way of paying tribute to the men and women of AA command and telling the story of how AA defences worked - as did the booklet ROOF OVER BRITAIN.
The picture GALLERY has some photos of the vehicles and of some of the events we have attended, and, on the LINKS pages there are some links to other sites which may be of interest.
In the CALENDAR there are notes of some events in which we either participate or think worthy of note.
Please feel free to make any comments or ask questions by clicking on "contact" above.
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Ack-Ack Command A.T.S. reunion The Old Girls of AA Command
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Alexander Jack & Sons Agricultural Engineers, Maybole
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GenElCo 3.7 inch Heavy AA gun A short history of AA defence
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Scottish Military Vehicle Group
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technical bits Military NATO and Civvy trailer plug connections.
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Vehicles Some of the vehicles in the collection
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Recent Images:
At Achnacarry House
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Added: 7 Feb 2012
Off on an adventure
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Added: 18 Jan 2012
NEMVC 40th birthday event at Fenton
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Added: 24 Oct 2011
Monty and Bedford MW on the beach at Arromanches 1999
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Added: 23 Oct 2011

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